Apple Slice
Motivating children to eat fruits in daily routine is really a hard job for parents and also need some tactics. If your kid will eat them, but you want to make foods additional joyful, figure out how to cut apples into exciting shapes.

You can find a numerous styles to try out. Because it is hard to shape up an apple, you will have to initially peel off and core apples just before making the shapes.

How you can cut into Enjoyable Shapes

1. Peel off the skin of the apples with apple peeler or simply a sharp cutting Begin with the stem section of the apple and peel off down before you reach the other side. Continue this all over the apple.

2. Cut apples into circles. The size and style just must support the cookie cutter that you employ. Start with cutting the apple in half and after that cutting the layers. The pieces need to be medium-sized.

3. Place the apple pieces on the large dish or cookie sheet. Collect cookie blades in shapes for example hearts, squares as well as pumpkins. The cookie cutter need to only be small compared to the pieces of the apples.

4. Remember to brush fresh lemon juice right on the apple pieces. Start using a medium-sized brush and fresh or canned fresh lemon juice. Brush on the light layer and canopy all the apple pieces by using it. This prevents the apple pieces from converting brown.

5. Set the cookie cutter in the center of the apple piece. Press hard till it is going throughout. Take out the part of the apple on the various dishes. Carry on till they all are done.
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