Banana Lower Blood Pressure
Doctors suggest eating a banana a day can lower blood pressure naturally and reduce the risk of stroke by 25%, because it loaded with potassium. Newly released study suggests that a banana every day may keep you away from doctor.

One medium-size banana loaded with just 100 calories and also loaded with vital minerals and vitamins. Banana offer calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, phosphorus, folate and potassium.

In reality, just a banana can supply upward of 400 mg of potassium. The higher potassium content in a banana is connected with the capability to control high blood pressure.

Top notch research suggests that maximizing potassium intake in daily life routine is connected with a drop in blood pressure levels when compared with lower intakes. Even so, this result was only identified for those who have high blood pressure levels or hypertension.

Eating banana Reduce High Blood Pressure

Banana provides high quality of potassium, and potassium is a mineral which help in upkeep of fluid and electrolyte balance in the bloodstream as well as around your body cells. Potassium interacts with other vitamins and minerals, the most powerful becoming sodium.

A higher consumption of sodium leads to your whole body to retain water, elevating your blood pressure levels. Potassium performs to cut down the water retention that is caused from sodium. Your own physiology is made of several check ups as well as balances, along with the relationship between sodium and potassium is an extremely crucial one.

Eating a banana or more does not put any bad effect on you; it will provide you lots of health benefits. If consumed in healthy diet manner. Potassium in banana helps you in lower high blood pressure.
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