Prevent Spreading HIV-AIDS
HIV-AIDS is still incurable, but preventing the spread is the only method to make sure an upcoming without the dreadful disease. There are lots of methods to distribute HIV, but in addition, there are steps you are able to decide to try safeguard all by yourself and your loved ones.

HIV represents Human Immunodeficiency Infection. It damages your body immune system by damaging the white blood cells (leukocyte) that deal with the infection.

AIDS represents Acquired Immunodeficiency Disorder. It is the last stage of infection with HIV. Not everybody with HIV develops AIDS.

How is HIV Spread? There are only three factors and that are responsible for spreading HIV-AIDS;
  1. Sexual Intercourse
    1. Semen
    2. Vaginal Fluids
    3. Oral Sex (Open-Mouth Kissing etc.)
  2. Breast Feed
  3. Blood
    1. Donating Blood
    2. Using HIV-infected syringe, needle or razor

1. How is HIV Spread through Sexual Intercourse
Anyone can easily get infected directly from sexual contact along with another person who exactly is infected having HIV. Sexual contact which can easily transmit HIV involves:
  1. Vaginal Intercourse
    1. Semen
    2. Vaginal Fluids
  2. Anal Sex
  3. Oral Sex
    1. Saliva Interchange
If anyone having sex, do always safe sex all time. In other words, we can use condoms all the time.

2. How is HIV Spread through Breast Feed and through Mothers to their Babies
Contamination or infection can easily take place through HIV positive pregnant females to their babies within the womb and also at the time of delivery.

Having anti-HIV medicines at the time of pregnancy and also delivery significantly reduces the possibility of a newborn getting infected with HIV.

Just after childbirth, transmission can easily happen by means of breast milk of infected females. The highest possible danger can be actually in the earlier month’s right after childbirth. It is actually suggested that new mothers should really aim to bottle-feed their newborns instead of breastfeeding.

In case HIV-positive female but want to get pregnant, or even anyone knows that one is HIV positive through your pregnancy, speak to your medical professional as soon as possible concerning methods to prevent the possibilities that your little one will likely become infected, as well.

3. How is HIV spread through Blood?
In case anyone comes with contact along with the blood of somebody who is actually infected with HIV, anyone can easily eventually be infected.

And HIV-AIDS can spread through bloodstream in following cases:
  • Sharing syringes and needles
    • Body tattoo needles
  • Blood donation
  • Blood transfusion
  • Sharing shaving blades.
    • Sharing hair or body scissor and clipper.

Early Symptoms of HIV

In case an anyone is actually HIV positive simply by looking at these people, anyone can't say. Many people having HIV illness really don't seem ill.

Perhaps even so that, somebody primarily turns into infected, they can have specific signs and symptoms. This particular time period concerning initial infection is actually referred to as acute HIV infection.

Conditions may be specific for every person. In some cases generally, there are no symptoms in any way.
  • Sore throat
  • Headache
  • Fever
  • Rashes
  • Fatigue
If u feels this type of symptoms, then you have to check up with the doctor as soon as possible.

6 Tips to Prevent Spreading HIV-AIDS

1. Have Safe Sexual Intercourse

Having safeguarded sexual intercourse (making use of condoms) is one of the simple easiest methods to prevent you from HIV. Have never sexual intercourse without them except in cases where you have a monogamous relationship in which both partners have already been tested two times. Spermicides and birth control pills are ineffective in protecting against the spread of HIV or AIDS or symptoms of HIV or AIDS.

2. Do not share Used Needles

Never share needles. Medicines are certainly not very good, however when you share a needle, aside from the cause harm to the medication by itself could cause, you might be also adding yourself at high risk of finding and catching HIV. Finishing all drug use is the greatest feasible option.

3. Mother with HIV may Spread it to her Unborn Baby

A mother with HIV extends the potential risk of distributing the infection to her unborn baby. This possibility is usually lowered if you take antiretroviral medication or perhaps an individual dosage of Nevirapine at delivery time. Any mom with HIV ought to talk about the choices along with her doctor to assist protect against distributing to her baby.

4. Teen Knowledge is Must

Teach teenagers. Teenage would be the most prone to high-risk behavior. Speak with your teenager in regards to the risks of unprotected sexual intercourse. Respond to questions they may have truthfully. Open up a conversation can help your child avoid pressure from peers with regards to sexual intercourse or medicines.

5. Get the Entire Family Concerned

Family member’s activities keep the entire family busy and make strong relationships. A good family atmosphere is able to keep teenagers from pressure from peers by not just enabling a wide open doorway policy with the parents, but very good solutions to fill up their spare time.

6. Blood Transfusions

Blood transfusions are one other way HIV is distributed. It really is uncommon considering that the blood is analyzed, however, it may happen. Whenever you can, donate your own blood knowing you will end up using a treatment that will need a blood transfusion.


  • The only most effective approach to preventing the spread of HIV is via teaching on preventing it. Ensure that your entire family is aware what actions they are able to decide to try to protect on their own. 
  • AIDS is really a deadly disease without any treatment. Usually, speak to your medical professional about any queries or problems you have.
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